10/28/2014 01:50 pm ET Updated Dec 28, 2014

My Vote Doesn't Define Me -- Or You

The midterm elections are nearing and it's time to talk politics, but more so, positive positions.

I am and have been a President Obama supporter since '08. I've never made a secret of that. But if you think for one second that I think he or any one individual being is the savior of this world, you are sorely mistaken. Today, I as a listed Democrat, and my siblings will work hard and contribute to the world and economy, not because of our politics, but because that's what productive and balanced humans do. Truthfully, if any one person deserves credit for the citizens we are, it might be my mother for instilling in us a strong work ethic, a desire to help others, and the determination to be good. Who we are and how we conduct ourselves has nothing to do with Barack Obama as our presidential choice and everything to do with our character.

On a very personal note, when my family first came to this country, we were on Medicare and possibly welfare. My mother never really divulged in depth and I get why she wouldn't. Despite the fact that we had/have nothing to be ashamed of, much of America has put a huge stigma on people needing help. All we hear are gripes about the people who take advantage of the system and none about the people who thrived because of it, i.e., my family. The second my mother was able to raise us without the help of government assistance, she stopped doing so. And today, I would tell her never to regret accepting assistance that we needed and that we now are happy to contribute to the same system that helped us so it can help others. Because we are good. We believe in helping others because we were helped and because it's the right thing to do.

As a second personal note, I am better off today than I was six years ago when I voted for Barack Obama and I'm better off than I was two years ago when I voted for him again. And President Obama does not get the credit for that. Nor does he get the blame when I fail to be and do better. I do. I worked hard, I work hard now, and I strive to be better daily. I do the best I can to be a kind, empathetic, person and that has more to do with who I need to be when I rest my head at night than who I chose to vote for. Were Mitt Romney elected, I'd live the same way. I didn't vote for a savior, I voted for a leader I believe in.

Because of who we elected in 2012, some of my dearest friends who happen to be gay have a president who believes they deserve equal rights that all humans are entitled to. And because of who we elected, America has its first openly gay female Senator. Because of who we elected, Planned Parenthood, an organization I have utilized and support wholeheartedly, will not be threatened. We have a president who understands that climate change is affecting and essentially killing us, and who will try to better rather than ignore this huge problem. These are just a few reasons I voted the way I did, but again... I reiterate that none of them include my believing that I voted for a Messiah. I voted for a president who I admire, who I believe cares about people, who I believe to be grossly imperfect, but equally as kind.

Today, tomorrow, and in all my days before I die, I will be the president of my life despite who I vote to be the president of the United States. I take ownership of my failures and my successes, and I think the country would be significantly changed if we all did across all parties. May the God you pray to and who I pray to bless America. And if you don't pray, I'm pretty cool with that, too.