12/03/2014 05:27 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2015

Year in Review

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Below is something I wrote when I turned 30 in January of this year. It's now December, and I think it's a great time to note that, as it turns out, once you figure out how to meander through life with a positive and productive outlook, your notes on how to remain happy can become timeless. Today as I reflect on what I wrote, I find that I am even happier than when I wrote it. I haven't changed my perspective on my career, on marriage, or on having children, and I am that much better for sticking to my convictions. I only set goals and deadlines that are measurable, and sometimes, I use only happiness as a measurement for how well I'm doing. This doesn't mean I don't have difficult days. This means that I'm learning how to better handle them.

Reflecting on this little note made me proud of the year I've had. I plan to read it again when I turn 31, and probably every year as I age as a compare and contrast tool. But one thing will remain the same: I'm going to "Make the most of the good things and the least of the bad things." Cheers to 2014. 2015, I can't wait to meet you.


I'm 30 today.

While I admit to some mini-meltdowns about aging, as I write this, I am eerily calm. After all, I spent all of year 29 finding my place in the world. A lot of my friends have said life only gets better after 30 and I have to believe them because so far the closing of my 20s and the awful decisions I made throughout them seem so far into the past that I'm okay bidding them adieu. I've never felt more sure of where I belong and what my life's mission is.

One of the smartest things I've ever done is not to expect to be somewhere in life before I'm actually there. I've never set a deadline for my career, marriage, or for having children (if I ever do at all). While some would argue that not doing so is like not having goals, I would rebut that this has allowed me a level of contentment about my life that I may not otherwise have. I don't feel like I didn't accomplish enough, and I don't feel like I missed out on anything. This allows me many things to look forward to while knowing it'll all come if and when they're supposed to.

In the last 365 days, I've never been better. And people have noticed. I am constantly being told how happy I seem these days, and the simple explanation as to why is that I genuinely am. I have never been more sincerely happy and I have also never been in a better position to control my emotions when I am not. I have let go of things I can't control, asserted myself among what I can, and ultimately, gave a big "Fuck you" to anyone hindering my growth and/or well-being.

I met a wonderful woman this week who has been married for 58 years and her advice to me in life and love was, "Make the most of the good things and the least of the bad things." This is now my plan for 30 and beyond. Cheers.