09/19/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Ask Phyllis...Astrology And Beyond

Dear Phyllis

I'm seething with jealousy! A perky new gal has joined my husband's sales team who seems to capture his attention. He tells me their relationship is purely professional, but I worry. They talk a lot and seem to have a natural compatibility that he and I don't share. I know that my husband and I love each other, but I feel threatened anyway. Should I? My husband is a Libra and she is an Aquarius. I'm a Scorpio.*

-Suspicious of sales meetings

Dear Suspicious,

My heart goes out to you - jealousy is such a tough feeling...not to mention discouraging to both the feeler and the recipient!

Your Scorpio insightfulness is probably correct: Libras and Aquarians do tend to get along nicely and share many things to talk about. In fact, communication is one of their favorite past times. But just because they have a "meeting of the minds" doesn't mean they are physically attracted to one another.

Your sign Scorpio is different: passions run high in your sign. Scorpios tend to talk less and feel more. When they do talk they want to share something meaningful (or sarcasm - their favorite form of humor.). You probably connect on a deeper level with your husband and share deeper intimacies.

If your husband is a typical Libra, he's probably happy just to have someone to engage with. Libras love a sense of teamwork and partnership. And they like to be liked!

Aquarians aren't so much about complicated seductions as they are about friendship. Most are idealists who enjoy working shoulder to shoulder with a "buddy" for a higher purpose. It's entirely possible this gal simply enjoys the camaraderie your husband offers.

I always counsel Scorpios to remember that much of what they suspect in others is a projection of what they would do. But most people aren't that smart or strategic. You might be seeing what you could do in this gal's place, but the thought hasn't occurred to her.

Plus, Scorpios feel all emotions intensely, including jealousy. Often Scorpios become jealous when they see someone doing something they themselves could do, but haven't.

This might be a good time to evaluate if you are showing the kind of interest in your husband this gal is showing. Maybe things have gone on "automatic" in your marriage and you aren't as attentive or engaging with each other. This could be a wake-up-call that it's time to freshen your marriage by exchanging more loving.

Other times jealousy is a signal we're not valuing ourselves. If that's the case, you might want to dig deep and remember all the good things about you. Take stock of the excitement and fascination you offer your husband and the power you bring to your marriage.

Express your concerns to your husband. Since Libras generally feel awkward around intense displays of emotion, it's probably best to do it in a neutral, "Let's talk about boundaries that work for both of us" kind of a way.

Truth is no one is as compelling and enticing as a Scorpio. Just turn that delicious energy and wit you possess and watch your husband swoon!

Dear Phyllis,

Help! I start my Junior year in College this week and have to declare a major. But I can't decide which would be best for me: I love Literature, but Psychology classes are fascinating. But then again I'm good at math and Finance major would come pretty easy. One the other hand, I've painted since I was young and could really see myself living the life of an artist. What does my chart say about my career? I'm born June 15th.

-Can't declare at DU

Dear DU,

Boy! You sure are presenting the classic Gemini** dilemma: So many interests and talents it's truly difficult to narrow your focus down to one endeavor!

Geminis are all so unique I would need your exact birth time to suggest the perfect career for you. But here are some excellent guidelines for careers that make the best use of your nature:

Geminis are terrific communicators... choosing a career that uses your verbal and/or writing skills could be most satisfying. Many Geminis enjoy teaching immensely. Others find success in marketing, media or sales.

Choose a career that keeps you learning. Nothing is as discouragingly boring to Geminis as feeling they've "got" something with no possibility of being stimulated with new endeavors to tackle.

Geminis typically thrive when they have plenty of variety and freedom in their job (and in their relationships, but we'll talk about that another time).

Since finance and art are communication through symbols, that could work nicely, too. If you take that route, try to get a job where you can commune with others as yours is a social sign and enjoys the stimulation of other's ideas.

Get the degree which gives you the greatest options to grow and develop. Or, since Geminis tend to do things in 2's why not get a double major? You're smart enough to handle that!

*Libras are born Sept. 23rd - Oct.22nd. Aquarians are born Jan. 21st - Feb. 18th. Scorpios are born Oct. 23rd - Nov. 22nd

**Geminis are born May 22nd-June 21st.