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Ask Phyllis...Astrology and Beyond: Internet Dating And Financial Security

Dear Phyllis,

Ok. I'm been divorced for a few years and finally feel ready to start dating. Trouble is I'm an elementary school teacher and meet very few eligible men. My friends tell me to try internet dating, but that seems so random. I don't want to go to all that trouble and expense just to meet a bunch of losers. Are some times better than others to sign up for these dating services? What are my chances of meeting someone worthwhile soon? I'm a Scorpio* born November 8th.

Intrigued by the Internet

Dear Intrigued,

Yes, some times are definitely better than others for finding love, even when it's on the internet. Attraction cycles are like any others cycles in that they peak and wane. The great news is your attraction cycle is in the rise during October and November. (As it is for many other Scorpios. Cancers, Pisces, Virgos and Tauruses might also enjoy higher-than-normal mojo now as well! So everyone get out there and flirt!)

Jump in the game, Scorpio. Your number is likely to get called.

Of course I don't expect this to be easy for you. Starting to date after divorce can be a vulnerable might be learning to express yourself and your sexuality in a way that may have been on hold for a while.

Just remember your Scorpio Sun Sign gives you an "extra something" that is powerfully alluring and intriguing. Just be you and see who like you. No need to be anything you are not.

Internet dating does call for precautions, and I encourage you to take them. Scorpio is an extremely private sign and needs a sense of control. Keep yourself comfortable by respecting your privacy and conducting yourself so you feel well in command of your surroundings. That way you can relax and enjoy the parade of amorous contenders.

Dear Phyllis,

All this news about financial turmoil is scaring me to death! I worry about money even when times are good, so you can imagine how freaked out I am right now. I thought I was in good shape because I have money set aside for retirement, health insurance and a modest mortgage. But now I worry I'll lose everything. Is it time to take desperate measures? I'm a Taurus* born May 10th.

Taurus in Turmoil

Dear Taurus,

I feel for you. Taurus is a sign that often struggles with fears of lack and poverty (which rarely if ever materialize, by the way). I understand how recent events can play havoc with your sense of security.

A financial transition does indeed show up in the astrological chart of the United States now. What the stars don't dictate is how it will be resolved: We the people choose whether to use this shake-up to improve our personal and national economy or to just give up and allow negative forces to run the show.

Believe it or not, some beautiful financial opportunities are forming this autumn that can benefit your sign of Taurus (and Capricorn, Virgo, and Scorpio, as well.) These aspects shine favorably on your finances and job. They might work to stabilize your current situation, and/or open new doors of income for you.

Even if it feels as if your financial fate is controlled by others, participate in it and insert your good ideas.

Taurus is an earth sign, so being pragmatic when faced with a challenge is the best way to reassure yourself. Small practical steps can lead to big feelings of relief and empowerment.

You might want to assess the reality of your situation by fact-checking your financial situation. List your assets. Analyze your insurance policies and profit sharing and pension plans. Consider the conditions of any loans you might hold. That can help you take stock of what you actually do possess.

Note: Some Tauruses like to buy expensive things to feel temporarily abundant. But the nervousness over the financial drain undermines genuine security. In other words, financial discipline, not worry, is the best way to navigate this uncertain period.

Speaking of worry, many Tauruses report that gratitude is an effective antidote to worries about money. They say that recognizing all they do have gives them a relieving sense of calm and abundance. Why not create a list of what you are grateful for and focus on it?

And breathe. In truth, your sign of Taurus is quite capable and prone toward abundance. Look around. You'll have what you need.
Peace, Phyllis


*Scorpios are born October 23rd-Nov 22nd
Tauruses are born April 20th-May 21st.

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