04/06/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Ask Phyllis...Astrology and Beyond: Venus In Retrograde

Dear Phyllis,

So many people seem to be having relationship issues these days! Is anything going on astrologically?

Signed, Hardly Relating

Dear (It's Harder, But Do Your Best to Keep) Relating,

Yes! Relationships might be much more topsy-turvy now due to Venus, the planet of love traveling Retrograde from March 6th through April 17th. Changes of heart, shifts in commitments and other relationship transitions are quite likely - perhaps through early May.
*Where your Sun Sign will experience this most is listed below

Venus Retrograde is a time of relationship review. People tend to stop and say "Wait! Is this what I really want in my relationship(s)???" Even good alliances can experience a call to tweak matters so they get even better.

This relationship review is designed for adjustments and healings that lead to more deeply satisfying connections. But the process of getting there can trigger confusion, restlessness and/or urges for something or someone different.

So it might be a good idea to avoid making final decisions about relationships until you are very clear, even if that is after April 17th . No need to rush your retrograde review.

Importantly, this Venus is Retrograde in the "me" sign of Aries. This indicates we are really working on our relationship with our selves...even though it feels like it's about others. As others could be mirroring back to us what we have to work on, it's a terrific period enhance your relationship with yourself.

Since Aries is the sign of the Hero, this Retrograde is perfect for being courageous with trying new behaviors and attitudes that express more of your authentic self.

But tempers could flair as Aries is also the sign of the Warrior. Lots of people might be on the warpath, so steer clear of unnecessary confrontations. Instead, use Venus Retrograde to touch into your authentic power and direct it towards initiating what you do want, keeping in mind that you might have to negotiate with others so it works for them, too.

Here's where each Sun Sign might experience the Venus Retrograde's Relationship Review. (Said another way, here's where relationships might seem the nuttiest)

Aries: Relationships with yourself, your expression and/or how you appear.
Taurus: Relationships with people you serve, people from your past, what you believe
Gemini: Relationships with friends, Associates who could help you
Cancer: Relationships with authority figures, Career/Reputation alliances
Leo: Long-distance relationships, legal, moral, religious connections
Virgo: Sexual, Financial relationships
Libra: Partners, Very close friends
Scorpio: Work associates, Health matters,
Sagittarius: Lovers, Kids,
Capricorn: Family, Home matters
Aquarius: Siblings, Neighbors, School buddies
Pisces: Financial alliances, possessions

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