01/09/2012 10:53 am ET Updated Mar 10, 2012

In the Stars This Week: Full Moon Urges a New Balance Between Your Personal and Professional Life

This Monday's full moon will help many of us strike a much-needed healthier balance between our personal and professional lives. Plus, Mercury will reveal something that could change our perspective -- and then our actions -- in some significant way. As emotional as this week can be, we can still realize practical strategies for making things work. And pay.

You don't have to be an astrologer to notice how life gets more emotional and eventful around full moons. This week will be no exception. Feelings, relationship dynamics and circumstances can be quite intense early this week.

Do yourself a favor and resist the urge to react to matters. Instead, take a deep breath and "check inside" to see what really lines up for you to do.

This full moon is in the sensitive sign of Cancer, which heightens our need to feel protected, nurtured and safe. We may find ourselves more concerned about our home and family life. This is a great week to nurture yourself and others. Do things that give you a sense of taking excellent care of yourself and strengthen the foundation of your support.

Cancers and Capricorns might be particularly affected by this full moon, finding an important matter comes to fruition in a very rewarding way. Librans, Aries, Pisces, Geminis, Sagittarians and Aquarians might have matters come to a head in their lives, too, but in such a way they have to make an "adjustment" or two. Scorpios, Taurus, Leos and Virgos could really enjoy what happens!

Interestingly, full moons intensify two seemingly-opposite areas of our lives at once. Along with our personal lives, this full moon also spotlights how we conduct our careers and worldly responsibilities.

This is a terrific week to evaluate if your involvements in your personal life and your worldly responsibilities truly nurture and satisfy you. If not, take steps to remedy the situation. Say "yes" to what you do want. Say "no" to what you don't want. Hint: Look to see if you are doing anything for others' approval or admiration. If so, let it go. Determine what you value and love about your life. Do more of that.

Helping bring clarity to this and other important life matters is a super-active Mercury. It will bring clever ideas and useful insights into our sphere this week. We might find ways to revolutionize our projects so they work even better. And show profit.

The end of the week is especially intriguing. Our thoughts can run particularly deep, which can lead to honest awareness and assessments. We might even have the courage to tackle something that has been bugging us. Secrets can be brought into the open, alliances can be exposed, agendas confessed. That's powerful!

It's also a good week to bring what has been controlling us through fear into the light of day. Forgiveness and acceptance is one sure way to become empowered.

That said, thoughts and communications can also turn negative toward the weeks' end. Avoid letting your suspicions or brooding angers run the show. Instead, use your energy to research and verify your hunches.

This week you can truly discover something genuinely profound -- about yourself, your work and your relationships. Possibly even life-changing. That is certainly worth taking a moment for reflection and deep thought. Wouldn't you agree?

*Ask your astrologer how these aspects affect you personally. (I would love to be your astrologer.)

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