10/24/2013 10:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The ONE Partnership You Need to Know About

What do you get when you combine the active voices of 3.5 million people who want to change the world with nearly 70 years of experience in on-the-ground programs that have helped lift 20.7 million families out of hunger and poverty? A powerhouse partnership between The ONE Campaign and Heifer International to end extreme poverty.

At Heifer International, we work directly with small family farmers to end hunger and poverty. ONE has been a relentless advocate in the fight against extreme poverty and campaigns for smart, effective programs and policies that save lives and give hope to millions of people in developing countries.

Both organizations believe in empowering women and the importance of agriculture in solving poverty. When women are given access to more income, they spend it on their children and homes. Nearly half of the world's 600 million small farmers are women. If women farmers had the same access to land, credit and agricultural support as their male counterparts, they could produce about 30 percent more food than they currently do. In a world where one in eight people don't have enough food to eat, there is no more time to waste.

This partnership will bring together the advocacy efforts of The ONE Campaign and Heifer's in-field programs and impact. Together, supporters of both organizations can make a real difference in ending extreme poverty.

And to celebrate the announcement, let me introduce you to Stella, the ONE Limited Edition Goat. All proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition ONE Goat will go to Heifer International; ONE will not benefit financially from the purchase.


Learn about Stella and help us send goats to Africa.