12/09/2014 11:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

6 Bedrooms With Fireplaces We Would Love to Wake Up To

Placing a fireplace within the master suite is the classic way to create warmth within our most intimate of spaces. A fireplace can serve as an elegant focal point for the bedroom, lending architectural style and substance. Add an armchair or bench and you've instantly created a warm nook for reading. Consider using a gas fireplace in the bedroom so you don't have a stack of firewood or kindling in your sleeping space.

Washington Park by Colleen Knowles Design

This 1920s home was given an elegant remodel, which includes a fireplace with vintage tiles and classic mantelpiece. It's a warm element that brings focus within this large bedroom. Softer furnishings like the area rugs, heavy drapery and upholstered furniture, help create a cozy setting.

NeMo by Phil Kean Designs

A thoroughly modern, niche fireplace suits this modern Florida home well. This gas fireplace is tucked within a stacked-stone wall, making it the perfect ambient feature in this bedroom. The fireplace also helps to create a warm and intimate bedroom nook within a very large and open indoor-outdoor space.

Old Stone Ridge by Witt Construction

This corner fireplace creates a cozy window sitting area for this traditional bedroom. An elevated hearth serves as extra seating for the room; heavy molding compliments the window casings. Gas fireplaces are perfect for keeping the bedroom free from messy stacks of firewood, kindling or newspaper.

Flying Point by Benco Construction

This new home in the Hamptons leaned on traditional styling while creating a contemporary interior design. Sea glass inspired tile surrounds the fireplace, complimenting the texture of the grasscloth wall coverings. An angled television creates a relaxing retreat for this master suite.

Willamette River House by Jenni Leasia

In the bedroom, it's a great idea to place the fireplace off the ground -- this creates a better height for when sitting in bed. This simple, geometrically-inspired fireplace design blends perfectly with the transitional modern décor and doesn't distract from the incredible views.

Moreland Hills Luxury by House of L

This traditional bedroom features an anchor-like fireplace, surrounded by carved stone and a thick mantle. The cold, heavy stone is balanced with dreamy, soft textiles as well as the curvy, feminine wallpaper. Together they create an elegant and grounded bedroom design.