02/10/2015 10:46 am ET Updated Sep 19, 2015

My 10 Random Insta-Grammy Observations From the 2015 Grammy Awards

I love awards shows, but admittedly, my favorite shows are the Oscars, Globes, Emmys and Tonys, seeing as I follow film, TV and theater more closely. I did, however, watch the Grammys Sunday night, and here are some of my instant, random observations after watching the show -- my Insta-Grammy Observations -- if you will:

1. I LOVE the live performances at the Grammys. Love them. The Oscars and Emmys should force nominees to deliver LIVE monologues or interpretations of their nominated performances throughout their respective awards shows.

2. Sam Smith is awesome. Brilliant, charming and very humble. I'm a big fan, and liked his burgundy blazer which could have been very "budget rental car salesman," but ended up being quite chic.

3. I love Taylor Swift. Her cerulean mullet ball gown with oversized origami pleating was gorgeous. I also love how she is so happy for everyone and dancing and giving standing ovations. I wish she performed, but have no doubt she will rock the show next year! The only song eligible from 1989 (her smash 2014 album) was "Shake It Off," as it was released as a single during the eligibility period. Expect her to be a big factor at the Grammys next year.

4. Ariana Grande. She is VERY talented and her songs are SO catchy! I "dance walk" home from work every day listening to "Break Free" and "Problem" on repeat. I must admit, though, that I am irrationally irked by tiny people who have names with the word "big" in it. I know it's irrational, but it's like that skinny friend/acquaintance who's always pinching their non existent belly fat and telling you how they no longer fit into their child-sized jeggings.

5. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. Loved their duet, and really like Gaga's collaboration with him. It has reminded the world that, first and foremost, she is an incredibly talented singer and artist.

6. Kanye West stormed the stage when Beck beat Beyoncé, but laughed and ran off before grabbing the mic. Everyone thought it was a funny joke, but apparently he later told E! that he was serious, and that the Grammys weren't awarding true artistry. I have no words for this stunt.

7. I loved John Legend and Common's performance of "Glory" from the film Selma. It was a powerful way to close the show, and a great reminder for Academy voters, who just started voting on Friday, about the genius of this song nominated in the Best Song category at the Oscars.

8. Katy Perry lost both of her categories, meaning that she still does not have a Grammy, despite her impressive career and the record-breaking smash success of her Teenage Dream album. Loved her performance! She's a FIREWORK. Boom. Boom. Boom.

9. Madonna danced with a bunch of guys in Maleficent costumes. So nice of Angelina Jolie to lend the dancers extra costumes. Madonna can still rock it, but the provocateur nature of her performance seems mild, given the outrageousness of today's pop artists. Finally, the ascendancy to the sky/ceiling at the end of the performance was cool, but can never touch P!nk's high-flying, acrobatic work during her "Glitter in the Air" performance at the 2010 Grammys.

10. I enjoyed Kristen Wiig's surprise appearance as Sia's stand in for "Chandelier," as Sia does not face the audience while singing. Sia is such a phenomenal talent! Also, can you totally picture Kristen Wiig's SNL character, Penelope, having the ultimate one-upper after this performance? I picture it like this: "You sing in a choir? That's nice. Well, I performed at the Grammys. With Sia. In a onesie. And a wig. It was super awesome. Sia. Grammys. Onesie. Wig. LIVE." BTW, can Kristen Wiig be a stand in for me in all aspects of my life? Please and thank you.

What did you think of the 2015 Grammy Awards? What were your favorite moments? Let me hear your thoughts!