05/06/2015 04:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Spring Crockpot Recipes

Shutterstock / Sergey Yechikov

Don't you dare put that slow cooker away. Here are 5 easy recipes just perfect for spring.

Summery Stews
Yes, you should probably retire your beef bourguignon recipe until the fall. Instead, go for a light, vegetable-loaded stew, like this chickpea, tomato and apricot concoction. Get the recipe.


Lightened-Up Soups
Make the most of seasonal produce by tossing your best farmers'-market finds right in the slow cooker to make this springtime minestrone soup. Get the recipe.


Quiches and Frittatas
Eggs: a filling breakfast any time of year. We love this greek-style frittata. Get the recipe.


Don't worry about stirring. Just let your arborio rice, broth and fresh veggies sit in a slow-cooker for about three hours and voilà--you've got a fancy mushroom risotto with peas. Get the recipe.


Southern Barbecue
The grill is dandy and all, but the next time you host a barbecue, why not use the crock-pot? Try these pulled-pork sandwiches with coleslaw with a side of creamed corn. Get the recipe.


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