09/25/2015 08:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Simple Trick For Keeping Bananas Riper, Longer

Ten bananas for $1.50 sounds like such a good idea... until it's four days later and you've eaten one. Here's a quick trick for keeping your favorite fruit yellow longer.

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What you need: A pre-ripe (somewhat green) bunch of bananas and some plastic wrap.

What you do: Break apart the bananas and secure a bit of plastic wrap around each stem. Behold as they remain yellow for about four days longer than they ordinarily would.

Why it works: Ethylene gas, which escapes through the stem, is the primary reason bananas ripen. Slowing the release slows the ripening process.

You should also know: The less ripe the bananas are to begin with, the longer they'll last.

So...Banana splits, anyone?

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