03/19/2015 06:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here's What Comfort Food Looks Like Around the World

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Every culture has its comfort foods--the dishes that do more than just fill your stomach. They play on your senses and remind you of your home and your traditions. So let's take a little culinary journey, shall we? Here's what comfort food looks like around the world.

Canada: Poutine
The Canadian Francophiles don't eat just any French fries. Mmm, read more.


Spain: Tortilla Española
Served tapas-style any time of day. Mmm, read more.


Japan: Oden
A hearty hot-pot meal. Mmm, read more.


Brazil: Pão de Queijo
Brazilian cheese bread. Crispy on the outside, tender and chewy on the inside. Mmm, read more.


China: Cha Siu Bao
Barbecue pork buns. Mmm, read more.


Mexico: Chilaquiles
Spicy, crunchy and creamy all in one bite. Mmm, read more.


Lebanon: Man'oushe
This dish, once baked, has a crisp exterior with a chewy, gooey center. Mmm, read more.


India: Khichdi
Light, filling and nutritious. A staple in most Indian kitchens. Mmm, read more.


Poland: Pierogis
The Polish version of the dumpling. Simplicity at its best. Mmm, read more.


Greece: Moussaka
This Mediterranean favorite is served piping hot from the oven. Mmm, read more.


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