05/13/2015 04:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why You Only Need 37 Items in Your Closet

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It seems that less is definitely more these days. Taking that idea to the next level is blogger Caroline Rector of Unfancy. She's one of a few who have dared to whittle their wardrobe down to a mere 37 pieces to wear for a full season. No shopping or swapping allowed.

Here's how it works.

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe?
A mini wardrobe made up of 37 really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear...Learn more.


How Do You Get Started?
First things first: You need to clean out your closet...Learn more.


What's the Key to Paring Down?
The key pieces you should and shouldn't include in your capsule...Learn more.


What's the Ideal Number?
Rector settled on 37 items...Learn more.


Why More Shoes?
Because you never know what situation you're going to run into that requires specific footwear...Learn more.


How Do You Mix 'n' Match?
This is the fun (or for some, hard) part...Learn more.


Can You Have More Than One Capsule?
OK, but maybe consider a few smaller sets...Learn more.


What Happens at the End of the Season?
Your clothes go one of three places...Learn more.


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