07/17/2013 11:16 am ET Updated Sep 16, 2013

The Oliver Gal Artist Co. Creates Couture for Your Walls

Ask any aficionado and they'll agree that art and fashion go hand-in-hand which is why the fashion collection from the Oliver Gal Artist Co. seems like such a no-brainer. Book publishers have no shortage of hardcover tomes showcasing sketches and photography from the finest fashion houses in the world, but why trap all of that glamour and goodness on a page?

Miami-based artists Lola Sánchez and Ana Gal, the creative forces behind Oliver Gal, deliver high-impact pop art that's a mash-up of color, texture, and luxury lifestyle. Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Fendi, Rolls Royce, and Louis Vuitton are just a few of the brands that are subjects in their artwork. Color schemes range from stark black and white to in-your-face neons, but one thing that remains constant, even in the most demure of prints, is the continuing theme of opulence and grandeur.

Canvas sizes usually range from 10" x 15" to 30" x 45" and come at a price-point far lower than what you'd pay for say, a pair of Louboutins. The artists are also open to commission pieces as, Sánchez recently revealed an oversized Dom Perignon print in aluminum on her Instagram account. Glamour girls and fashionistas just might be motivated to design entire rooms -- or even their whole homes around the works.

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Fashion and Luxury Art From the Oliver Gal Artist Co.