06/18/2015 11:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

12 Road Trip Games to Keep Everyone in the Car Entertained

What are some fun games to play on a roadtrip for two people, including the driver?: originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question. Ask a question, get a great answer. Learn from experts and access insider knowledge. You can follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Answer by Jesse Bjoraker, Educator


1. Would you rather...?

Let your imagination go wild. Try to pose dilemmas with equally good, or equally bad, alternatives, and make the other person's decision really difficult. They can be realistic or fantastic, sober or outlandish.

2. Twenty questions

One person thinks of something; the other person can only ask yes/no questions to deduce what it is.

3. Pair poem

First person says a line, and then second person has to come up with a rhyming line. You can make it harder by specifying a meter.

4. Roadtrip bingo

Before you leave, make a stack of different bingo sheets, with each square being something you might reasonably expect to see on a road trip. You can have themes like road signs, license plate states, chain restaurants, or geographical features. Make sure each sheet has a different configuration.

5. Thumb wars

If the car has an automatic transmission, use the driver's right hand and the passenger's left. Don't crash the car!

6. Madlibs

These were popular when I was a kid, but I haven't seen them lately. You can buy the booklets very cheaply.

7. Saying things backwards

Pick something you know very well by heart, like the alphabet or the pledge of allegiance, and try to say the words in reverse order. Go for accuracy then speed. It's challenging! "All for justice and liberty with, indivisible, God under, nation one, stands it which for republic the to and, America of States United the of flag the to allegiance pledge I."

8. Scattergories

You don't need to buy the official board game. Just choose a category and a letter, and see who can come up with the most things in the category that start with that letter. For example, you might choose "jobs beginning with M," and come up with "maid, mason, mechanic, model..." Set a timer and keep score if you want.

9. Alternative uses

Choose a simple object, and brainstorm for as many uses of it as you can. Award extra points for especially creative answers. With a brick, for example, you can prop up a table with a broken leg, scratch an itch, step on it to kiss a taller person, whack a would-be assailant, hold down a picnic blanket, break a window, or put it an a burlap sack with a dead cat to sink it to the bottom of the ocean. Some more possibilities: blanket, toilet paper tube, paper clip, hat, handheld mirror, necktie.

10. Catchphrase

If there are only two of you, play collaboratively. Set a timer for two minutes and see how many correct guesses you can get in a round.

11. Degrees of separation

One person picks two things that are unrelated. The other person has to provide a chain of plausible associations to connect them. For example, if you say "lion and slippers," I might say, "A lion hunts warthogs. Warthogs are pigs. Pigs in a blanket is a breakfast entree. A blanket goes on a bed. When I get out of bed, I put on my slippers." Maybe you can come up with a better one than this.

12. Two truths and a lie

One person makes three statements, two true and one false, and the other person have to guess the false one. This is especially challenging if you know each other well.

Have a great trip!

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