11/15/2012 01:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Did Software Entrepreneur John McAfee Murder His Neighbor in Belize?

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By Jon Davis, Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps

In general, I would like to start this discussion with a simple statement:

Most of the time, when people have nothing to hide, they don't go into hiding.

From what evidence we have, these things have been communicated:

  • The neighbor has made frequent attempts to get McAfee's dogs to be quiet.
  • Last week, the dogs were poisoned to death.
  • The next day, the neighbor was found dead.
  • Police have charged McAfee's British bodyguard and his Belizean wife of possessing a firearm and ammunition without a license.
  • Upon questioning, McAfee fled into hiding.

Put all this together, and we have a lot of things that don't look good for the startup founder. The article also describes what sounded very suspiciously to this uninformed reader like a drug raid by the police agents on McAfee's domicile. His statements were that his lab was making legal drugs. In all fairness, I am wondering if the Belizean convenience stores are so inadequate that he had to make his own soaps and rubbing alcohol. Because of this, his reasoning for going into hiding is that the Belize police force has been out to get him ever since.

I don't really know. This one sounds fishy as could be. Usually when one runs from a situation, it makes me suspicious. If they admittedly are cooking up their own medicines I wonder, "Was there no easier way?" When they start to blame the government for why they went into hiding I really start to wonder. And the dog thing, admittedly the only real thing that truly points to McAfee in the first place...

Well this sounds too much like Oklahoma justice to me:

"You dun kilt my dogs; now I'm-a-gunna kilt you!"

In all honesty I have seen people who might act this way under similar situations. So from what the article seems to be saying, and this just my opinion given what I know at this point in time, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it probably killed its neighbor.

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