02/07/2013 11:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Do Girls Wish Other Girls Knew?

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Answer by Emilya Burd, Thinker

  1. Don't compete with your girlfriends for guys -- it's not worth it, and it's low. I see it all the time as an ego boost -- girls go for the same guy, and it's a competition game. It's low. You will lose friendships over this. It shows more about your personality and the kind of person you are than anything else.

  2. Listen to your gut feeling, forget what others say you 'should.' Your gut feeling is that little voice that tells you the right thing to do -- forget what others say. Or what he says you should be doing.

  3. Happiness comes from within you and working on yourself. It's a hard process to like yourself, it's a constant work in progress -- but it's your own achievements, and you finding happiness within yourself is the thing that will make you mostly happy -- not the perfect body, not the perfect boyfriend, and not having the job you're supposed to have that everyone adores you for it. It's internally you.

  4. It's possible to be extremely close platonic friends with the opposite sex. Try it, it's great -- some of my closest, best friends are the opposite sex.

  5. Give it time after a breakup. Most of the time -- sever all contact for a few months, then you can get back into talking. I find that it's possible to be extremely close friends after dating, being boyfriend/girlfriend for awhile.

  6. Cheer on other women, don't hate on them! We really have a weird relationship with our gender in my opinion. "Who hates women more than other women?"- SNL

  7. It's okay to be single. The boyfriend doesn't have to be "right now, every second." I don't know why so many would rather be in a relationship, sleeping with someone, having one night stands -- as if a guy needs to be in a life right now in any capacity. Work on yourself and do what you like -- isn't it better to find that click?

  8. Love yourself.

  9. You will always be a work in progress.

  10. Cherish the friends and family in your lives. Life isn't supposed to be easy, but maintaining the closest to you will be a lifesaver in the most trying times

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