01/30/2013 12:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Who Should the Lakers Reach Out to for a Dwight Howard Trade?

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Answer by Jason Lancaster, Editor of, an NBA blog

I've been thinking about who would go all-in for Dwight, and I think the list looks like this:

- Golden State, which has a good center they can send back (Bogut, assuming he's healthy again someday) and buckets of young talent

- Brooklyn, who will likely move heaven and earth to land Dwight, but who need divine intervention to compete against other teams with more to offer

- Orlando (haha, just kidding)

- The Clippers, who have enough depth to build a package with Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan, Odom's expiring, and a pick or two

- Portland, who could send Batum or Aldridge plus some nice depth

While my guess is that the Lakers will not trade Howard (he's only moved if he asks for a trade), the Clippers and the Warriors seem to have what it takes to get Howard.

If you're running LA and you're offered either:

1. Bogut + Jarret Jack (expiring) + Klay Thompson OR Harrison Barnes + a pick

2. DeAndre Jordan + Eric Bledsoe + Lamar Odom (expiring) + a pick

Which do you take? Both look pretty good from here, considering that LA shouldn't get much for a guy that could become a free agent and leave in less than five months.

P.S. Who didn't know Howard was going to get squirrely once LA started losing? Go figure.

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