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World War Z: A Quora Guide to Zombies

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Q: What is the breakdown of World War Z's $200m budget?

A: An incomplete script, an incoherent ending, massive re-shoots, millions of dollars in budget overages, and even a Hungarian SWAT team raid on the productions on screen weapons cache was to blame for the budget ballooning to $200 million... Read more >

- Ken Miyamoto, Working screenwriter, former studio reader/story analyst, former studio liaison, etc.

Q: What are some simple ways I can protect my home and family from zombies?

A: Most people will avoid large cities and population centers, a cornerstone to the typical advice on surviving a zombie outbreak/apocalypse.  Consider for a moment... Read more >

- Mark Hughes, Screenwriter, Forbes Blogger

Q: If you're driving a car that weighs 3000 pounds and the average zombie weighs 150 lbs, how big a crowd of zombies could you drive through?

A: Let's start with your kinetic energy. Converted to IS units, you're a 1360 kg car going about 64 km/h or 18 metres per second. Your momentum P is 24480 kg.m/s... Read more >

- Ramzi Amri, Physician to be/hobby physicist

Q: If someone was trapped in a supermarket by a zombie outbreak, how long would he be able to survive?

A: An average man, in moderate health, could probably "survive" in any grocery store for about 1-3 months. During that period of time, the following would occur: All of the fresh produce... Read more >

- Jon Mixon, I'm a practicing prepper.

Q: Can zombies swim?

A: As has been explained there are multiple examples in films and books to conclude that they don't swim but instead walk along the bottom of the water. The most notable are... Read more >

- Rafael Torres, I've watched almost every zombie film from the '70s to the present

Q: How should I respond if a global pandemic starts killing more than half of the world's population within a year or two?

A: In the greater Los Angeles county, there are, between Federal, State, County and City agencies, about 25,000 law-enforcement sworn officers. In the same region, there are about 250,000+ known gang members, all operating within their own... Read more >

- Kai Peter Chang, 張敦楷 First of his Name, Warden of Oakland and Protector of the Realm

Q: Why are Americans so fascinated with Zombies?

A: The breakdown of social order is almost always a part of these stories and it leaves an individual, or small groups of them, to fend for themselves creatively using the scraps of civilization... Read more >

- Julio Rodriguez, Observer of the Human Condition

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