11/25/2016 03:22 pm ET Updated Nov 26, 2017

Je suis Disappointed

Je suis disappointed. Trés disappointed.

Where are the solidarity avatars? Fires, set by terror arsonists, are burning all over Israel causing great damage to forests and property, making thousands homeless. I see no FB portraits with superimposed Israeli flags. The Twitterverse is similarly devoid of sympathy. Two years ago, when Israelis were being stabbed in the streets by Palestinian terrorists, there was also a tepid response. Had this been happening in France or Belgium, there would have been sympathy banners all over the social media. Je suis disappointed. Trés disappointed.

It isn't just Israel. When there are terror outrages in non European countries, the response is underwhelming. I'm not suggesting that the lack of a response is due to anti-Israel antipathy (although that might be a factor), although there is likely a sense that somehow Israelis "deserve" this.

Perhaps Americans and other Westerners feel more of a cultural affinity to Europeans? Perhaps it is because there are more photos and televised images from Europe than, say, than Africa? But that isn't a mitigating circumstance regarding Israel, which is a highly "wired" country. There are photos of the arson all over the media. Still, no avatars.

Je suis disappointed. Trés disappointed.