11/07/2014 06:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

When No News Is Good News

To those who ask, it may seem we have no news to share when my daughter is still a toddler. When there is no swell of my belly, no notable life events, no big trips planned.

When Tegan is still 2 1/2, has only grown in height and hair length, is still a sweetheart, is still very imaginative and expressive. When our clothes still look the same, when we still look the same. When we wake up in the same ways, have the same routines, find the same comforts. When we keep on this rhythm of baths given, of conversations and dinners shared.

I guess I could say that we have milk-and-cookie dates at Starbucks. That we play with Play-Doh and like to color. That we dance in the kitchen, have pancakes on Saturdays. That we have drop off and pick up from school, run errands, visit family. That we work through tantrums, celebrate victories.

I could tell you that I love to snuggle on the couch, watch cartoons on the weekends. That I love to see my family's laughter spread, see my girl light up, see my husband soften by her presence.

I could share that the house is never fully clean. That the laundry is never fully done. That there are plenty of things to fix. That there are always bills to pay.

That we are healthy. That there's food in the fridge. That there's money in the bank. That there's a wonderful bakery down the street.

If you do ask, I will say that our hearts are full. That our life is full (of laughter, of joy, and of love). That we are a family.

And that is very good, very worth-celebrating news to me.