12/27/2010 08:29 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

WTForever 21: Biggest WTF Fashion Moments of 2010

Despite making major strides in the political and civil arenas, this year gave us a WHOLE lotta WTF on the fashion side.

And guess what? If it was butt ugly and ill-conceived in 2010, Forever 21 was there to give us all a front row, reasonably priced ticket to the shit show.

Whether it's skintight metallic jeggings or floppy-assed harem pants, Forever 21 was on every major trend of the year with a ferocious tenacity virtually unmatched in the retail world.

In honor of the upcoming year of 2011, has put together a slideshow of the best (worst) fashion trends the retailer tried to push on helpless young women and seasoned style vets alike.

Behold! Forever 21's biggest and most often recurring WTF fashion moments of 2010.

Merry WTF-mas and Happy New Year!

Biggest WTF Fashion Moments

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