10/05/2012 08:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fashion Folk: VIGOSS USA

With each passing season, it's becoming more and more apparent that denim is a vital staple in any fashion-conscious individual's wardrobe. As such I am happy to present the second installment of my series "Fashion Folk" by showcasing emerging high-profile denim company VIGOSS USA. Having graced the pages of esteemed publications including Teen Vogue, Nylon and InStyle, VIGOSS proves that its immensely diverse, confident, edgy and provocative brand attitude makes it one to watch in the booming denim industry.

One to watch? Well, why? What factors really make one jean company so much more popular than another? As VIGOSS claims, their golden ticket is all in the details -- literally. Each pair of VIGOSS jeans is stitched or studded with it's signature "V" as a way of showing the authenticity of each product. Process-wise, the company has tapped into innovative wash methods and coating process in addition to various techniques, including laster printing. Coupling this with premium elements including lined-back pockets and leather-backed buttons, VIGOSS provides top quality and what would usually be high-priced jeans for under $100.

Design-wise, VIGOSS draws most inspiration from photography, art, design, film, music and street culture, which is then translated into silhouettes, finishing techniques and washes.

And that's not all: Read on for an exclusive interview with President of Sales Erika Schulman to find out about what makes VIGOSS USA so incredibly appealing to the masses and what they hope to achieve in the coming years in this digital age.

What do you consider to be the aesthetic of VIGOSS USA?

ES: Edgy, provocative, confident and bold. We use a range of innovative textures, colors and prints in our denim.

How much of a presence do you feel technology has in the fashion industry? How can young people looking to break into the industry use technological resources to their advantage?

ES: Technology -- especially social media -- has changed the fashion industry tremendously. Facebook and Twitter allow us to reach our customers quickly and directly and are a great way for us to build a more personal relationship with our fans. Companies are now evaluated based on their social media profiles. Anybody entering the industry today needs to have a firm understanding of the social media landscape.

What are your thoughts on social media? Has it influenced your business?

ES: Social media allows us to tap directly into our market and learn about our customers on a more personal level. We are able to share news, preview upcoming products and receive immediate feedback from our customers.

What advice do you have for those looking to intern in fashion?

ES: Be prepared to work hard. It isn't always glamourous, but internships can be crucial for landing a job in fashion. They allow you to become familiar with the culture and learn hand-on skills. I always look at internship experience when interviewing job applicants.

What do you consider the brand's great accomplishment thus far?

ES: We have spent a lot of time developing our fit so it can be worn by a broad range of customers in all sizes and shapes. Most women are looking for jeans with the perfect fit when shopping. Our fit created specifically for women has set us apart in the marketplace.

Having an understanding of technology and on-trend aesthetic under their belts, VIGOSS USA has surely created a brand on the road to ultimate success in this highly competitive global market. It also doesn't hurt that the company enlisted quirky wild child and pop princess Sky Ferreira to star in their Fall 2012 LOOKBOOK. So with this in mind, my last question for Erika was simple: Who is the VIGOSS USA girl? Her response? "Someone who is a trendsetter, confident, fashion-savvy and original."

There you have it. Keep these qualities in mind the next time you're on the hunt for the perfect pair of denim duds and you may find yourself starring in the next VIGOSS campaign... signature V-stitch and all.

Lookbook images courtesy of Vigoss USA

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