12/31/2011 01:42 am ET Updated Feb 29, 2012

New Year, Same Girl

Oh my gosh, 2012 is approaching which means so is the end of the world. The calendar is up and so is our time...

It's been very nice writing for you all.


Hopefully those of you reading are in a humorous mood, because I'm only kidding. However, the Mayans were on to something, in terms of certain things coming to an end. Another year has passed, and I'm presuming at this very moment you are all are experiencing a tidal wave of memories and reminiscing on both the good and bad circumstances of 2011. It's a very common occurrence to ask, "So what are your New Year's resolutions?" but the question that I've been pondering recently is, "What do you want to stay the same?"

Of course, one cannot defy change, and shouldn't want to. While there is a constant stressor to embrace it we must not overlook what remains the same, for we as humans rely and at times thrive on the idea of routine and repetition. Yeah, the normal day-to-day activities like going to school, buying groceries, and doing homework may seem tedious or unnecessary, yet what I've learned is that those little things are huge driving factors for the change we wish to see in our lives. How else would we get into our dream school without making time for studying? How would we be able to take that epic cross-country road trip without learning at a young age to put all of the pennies in our piggy banks? These small and seemingly insignificant routines and lessons are ones we all want to be rid of, but are ultimately they are the steps to achievement... and change. And I think it really is what they say -- as you get older, you get wiser. While I'm not claiming to be some ancient wise philosopher, I have learned that as you get older you do begin to appreciate and even yearn for the past as it establishes familiarity.

On a personal note, change really should be my middle name. So with that in mind, I guess what I want the most for 2012 is a sense of a routine and stability even amidst all of the chaos and excitement that makes up my life... We'll see how that goes. But really, I've accomplished and experienced so much in such a short amount of time and I am extremely grateful. Writing for The Huffington Post is amongst one of the biggest accomplishments of the year, and I would like to personally thank HuffPost High School for granting me this rewarding opportunity.

So while it may be a new year, you best believe that I'll remain the same girl dealing with new struggles, harboring new talents, meeting new people, and achieving new ambitions.

2011 was the best year of my life... so far. I sincerely hope you can say the same.

Happy New Year's, everyone!