03/03/2015 10:54 am ET Updated May 02, 2015

Turning on Your Exchange With the World

Each time I get stuck in a given area of my life, for example : stuck in my relationship with someone, or stuck with less money coming in, or I start feeling that something, all!, is not fair, or that I am not good enough, or I am tired and just don't have the energy to do what I want to do... In any of those cases, usually when I contact my mentor, he asks the same question:

Rakel, in what area of your life are you not loving yourself? In what area of your life is your exchange with the world off?

And usually, yes... There is an area that I'm not taking care of myself, an area where I am perceiving myself with very low value and that has an impact on the way I exchange with others.

In the healing work I've been doing in the last seven years I have observed that energy doesn't work in the logical pattern of the mind. For example, even if I feel I'm doing all it takes to make money flow into my life -- but in the other hand I'm not loving myself in the way I relate with my partner, this exchange with my partner can show up in the area of money even if it doesn't seem related. Because when it comes to energy, all is related.

So the faster you find what I like to call the blind spot of self-love in your life (that space within where you are not loving yourself and are not really aware of it), the faster you can make changes, adjustments, and the sooner energy can start to flow in all areas of your life.

When your exchange with the world comes from a place of self-love you can immediately feel it. You feel uplifted, radiant, you attract the right people for the right task into your life, everything seems to align in the right way. When your exchange with the world is not flowing as you would like, you have recurring physical and emotional indicators. Look for them. Personally I can feel it in my chest -- it closes in, bringing my shoulders forward. In my thought patterns, I can suddenly see myself as a victim, or feel a lot of anger, or just try to figure everything out with my mind, thinking and thinking and thinking without finding a solution. It's an exhausting process.

And this is applicable to everything in your life. Not one thing or one area is out of the reach of the flow of energy. Because we are all basically energy. And I'm not being "new agy woo woo" here. All is energy, it's simple physics.

A few people have asked me, does self-love mean self-importance or the ego? I say no. Self-love is not about activating or nourishing the ego that wants power and control. Self-love is activating the power of love in you through the opening of your heart center. Many techniques, gestures or actions can help you do that.

To make a pause to become aware of my breath has proven to be the most effective and fast way to open my heart center. I have found that is the most reliable way of doing it. Each time I get out of sync with the world I breathe and my exchange turns on again. A little shift takes place producing huge effects. So I'm able to create and see the value in my work, charge fairly for it, align myself with the relationship that I want, share creatively with my daughter, expand the creation time. When I breath consciously it all starts to flow.

So I am inviting you to check in with yourself if there is any area in your life where you need an adjustment in the way you are exchanging with the world, and start bringing balance into it through your own breath. If you don't know any specific breathing technique you can help yourself with this Pranayama Yoga one that I am sharing for free here. Your breath is your most vital expression of your creative energy. You can use it to connect what needs to be connected in that area where you are not quite loving yourself.
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Rakel Sosa has been practicing and teaching Rajadhiraja Yoga for 20 years and was trained by Master Healer David Elliott as a Pranayama Breathwork healer. She has been working in private and group sessions in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, United States and Venezuela since 2010. She is the co-author of Blooming Together, an Audio Pregnancy Program designed to enhance the well being of babies and expectant mothers. Rakel earned a master's degree in Communication from The Sorbonne University in Paris. She worked as a journalist for 11 years for Radio France International covering social and political issues around the world. Today as a filmmaker and healer she uses her professional skills for promoting self-realization and well-being.