02/15/2012 05:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Review of the Sleeptracker Elite Alarm Watch

Unfortunately, I suffer from sleep apnea and I know of a number of friends that also suffer from this condition. I have read a number of  reports that indicate -- Americans are not only sleep deficient but over stimulated. This stimulation comes in the form of caffeinated drinks and sugar.

So instead of getting a good night's rest we simply go for a quick fix and caffeinate or grab a chocolate bar. Instead, we should all be taking an active roll in our sleep health. Sleep, is one of the most important factors in being and staying healthy. But how do you make certain that you are sleeping well -- do you tell your mom, spouse, dog, boyfriend or girlfriend to watch you as you sleep? That might not be the best option and a bit odd.

So enter the Sleeptracker Elite. This is a watch that will not only keep track of how well you have slept but it will give you a nice report -- showing you how well or poorly you slept. If there is an indication that there is an issue; these report can then be given to your doctor.

P.S. I am very sorry about the lip smacking -- very, very annoying ;-)