02/28/2013 04:47 pm ET Updated Apr 30, 2013

Lessons From the Red Carpet: How to Look as Good as the Stars

This past Sunday, along with a few girlfriends and several million worldwide viewers, I watched the 85th Annual Academy Awards. The evening began with the traditional red carpet parade featuring several of my former clients.

Amanda Seyfried, who I trained on Red Riding Hood, and Halle Berry, who I helped get her post-baby body back after her daughter Nahla was born, both looked great. Bradley Cooper looked as handsome as I remembered him on the A-Team set a few years ago and -- as always -- Hugh Jackman, a lovely man, was just as great as he was when I met him during the X-Men series.

Of course, all eyes were on a very special A-list actress, my former client Anne Hathaway, who was expected to win an Oscar. Arriving on the red carpet, Anne looked excited and happy. A true professional, she was very convincing playing the role of Fantine in Les Misérables.

Unfortunately, at times talk turns from the incredible roles actors portray to how they have prepared for their parts. Walking on the infamous red carpet puts them in the spotlight. Oscar host Seth MacFarlane alluded to these when he quipped, "For all those women who had the 'flu,' it paid off. Lookin' good."

Fortunately, the actors I have worked with are all aware that practicing unhealthy dieting is not a viable choice when it comes to everyday living. It is not sustainable and does not make weight loss permanent. Many are fantastic cooks who love to prepare foods for themselves and their families.

On and off the red carpet, my stars look in shape. Follow these suggestions so you can, too.

Write it down to drop a pound: Write your goals down and re-read them regularly. Keep them somewhere in plain view, like on your bathroom mirror, on your fridge or as the screensaver on your phone.

Don't go overboard: Be safe while losing weight. I understand you may want fast results, but losing too much weight too fast ( more than a pound a week) can undermine your health goals. Instead of losing fat, you could be losing muscle and end up flabby instead of fabulous.

Don't restrict yourself: Sometimes we think that skipping meals might be a good way to cut calories and lose winter weight, but this will only leave you feeling tired and grumpy. Instead, I recommend to clients that they have their favorites -- but in moderation. Allowing yourself to enjoy your favorites from time to time can actually help you stay on track. Remember it's also okay to treat yourself once in a while with your favorite soda pop or burger, but keep your calories in check -- everything in moderation.

Get moving: It's tempting to want quick results, but working out too intensely -- particularly if you've gone from couch potato to fitness fanatic -- could put you at risk for injury. I recommend that my clients get half an hour of my 321 Training method in, four to five days a week, to see optimal results. And if you are a beginner, start with less intense exercises, such as brisk walks, and go from there.

Whether you're an Oscar winner or not, these tips will help you feel better and look great!

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