07/08/2013 08:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

7 Tips That Will Guarantee Your Vacation Request Is Approved

This time of year, so many of us are slogging away in our over-air-conditioned offices, dreaming of a traipse through Europe with friends, a beach vacation with the family or heck, even a Friday afternoon off for an early start on a summer weekend of pool and BBQ.


Photo Credit: Flickr user Quinn Ryan Mattingly

Although no law mandates paid vacation days, more than 90 percent of full-time employees do get some. But whether they are allowed to use them when they want them is a different story altogether. It's no secret that most employees tend to request time off during summer and holidays, especially those who work around their kids' school schedules. This often leaves employers in a lurch, having to juggle several requests at once. If you're not prepared, your request could easily be denied.

Don't disappoint your family or friends by getting stuck in the office. Here are some tips to ensure you get to take your vacation on your schedule:

1. Anticipate your boss's reaction -- think of every possible excuse and be ready with a counter-argument.

2. Submit a status report of all your current projects, next steps, and due dates, and walk your boss through it so they feel confident you have a handle on your workload.

3. Cover your bases. Do whatever you have to to complete your projects early and get the majority of your work done in advance.

4. Plan ahead! Submit your request early in the spring, long before the peak vacation season begins. Your chances of getting a yes go down dramatically if ten other requests come in ahead of yours.

5. Get a colleague to agree to cover your workload and prep them so they are fully up-to-speed and ready to handle any curve balls.

6. Reassure your boss that you will be available by phone and email if anything urgent arises.

7. If the time you requested overlaps with an important meeting, line someone up to take notes for you.

These simple tips will equip you with the ammunition you need to get your time off. Enjoy your summer!