03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Set Children Free From Human Trafficking

Every day, in every nation on the planet, thousands of children are sold and bonded into slavery. With an estimated 60-115 million child workers, India is home to the largest number of both working children and child trafficking victims in the world.

Their daily nightmare involves forced and bonded labor in prostitution, brick yards, cigarette rolling facilities, tea fields, silk and carpet weaving factories, restaurants, domestic servitude, and the film industry (particularly in Bollywood).

Their slavery begins as young as age four, in conditions of abuse unfit for any living being. It continues in a vicious cycle of insurmountable, interest-laden debt that outlasts the life of the child, passing on to the child's siblings or any child born to a child held in slavery.

They are often the unseen hands holding up the economy of the nation, hidden in their places of bondage from the sight of the people (like you and I) buying the work of their labor. Behind countless closed doors are the faces and hands and lives of children waiting to be set free from this atrocity.

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