01/23/2014 03:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

3 Reasons It's Okay to Say "I Guess I Do"


Photo Courtesy: Natalie Artin

1. Personalities Trump Planning

If all you had to do were pick out some flowers, or choose between the chicken and the beef, this wedding planning thing would be a piece of cake! But as we know, dealing with all of the personalities and players involved is what makes the planning look simple.

Everyone has that crazy uncle or unruly in-law. Trust me, you are not alone. A family isn't a family without some quirk, but with that quirk can come friction.

It's important that you and your fiance manage your expectations from the very beginning. Know who you are working with, and more importantly, know how to work around them.

Nothing puts a damper on a wedding like family drama, but just make sure it doesn't put a damper on your relationship. Talk it out as a couple and remain a united front, because in the end, your relationship is the reason this is all taking place.

2. It's Okay to Have Your Days

I've been there. Day in and day out you are scouring Pinterest and scrolling through the blogs. Some days are great, you are finding inspiration and ideas, but then there are the other days. The days when you get an outrageous dental bill in the mail that completely wipes out your photo booth budget, or the day you look at your bank account after you've paid your venue in full.

And on these of all days, the last thing you want to see are people frolicking through a meadow at their fairy tale-like wedding. If you aren't feeling it, turn off the computer, switch your brain from wedding mode and don't take it out on the person you love the most, your fiance.

You can't change the situation, but you can change how you deal with it. So breathe, have a glass of wine, watch The Bachelor or head to bed. Do whatever you need to do to unwind and know that what you are going through is completely normal. We all go through it, but know that tomorrow will be better.

3. Everyone Has a Story to Share

From frozen flowers, to short circuits, to crashing cakes, every wedding has its moments. But without these moments, there would be no stories to tell. Even though you may have planned for months and tied up all the loose ends, some things are beyond our control.

So if a situation arises on your day, don't let it ruin it. Know that things are bound to happen and no wedding is perfect. And who really wants perfect anyways?

After all, the bigger the blunder, the better the story.

I started my blog not just to share more pretty pictures, but to talk about the stories behind them. It's our duty as brides not only to create an open dialogue about our wedding, but about the entire wedding process as a whole. In sharing both the good and the bad, we can learn from each other, take comfort in the fact that others are going through the same thing as you, and realize it's completely okay to say "I Guess I Do."