02/19/2007 11:47 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Yes, Mr. President, (Oil) "Money Trumps Peace"

President's Bush's press conference last Tuesday was revealing in what was not discussed. Bush was rightfully angry at the support and advanced weaponry being supplied to Shia militias in Iraq. In referring to the standoff with Iran generally, and its nuclear program in particular, he ventured the phrase "money trumps peace" as a rationale for the general lack of progress, insinuating that America's would-be partners, on issues regarding Iran, are being sidetracked by commercial considerations. Much of the President's opening statement and the ensuing press conference dealt with the Iran imbroglio, specifically accusing Iran of undermining security in Iraq. Even though President Bush's purported purpose was to detail his efforts to, ". . . trying to protect our troops," he never once mentioned the murderous attacks by Sunni insurgents on our military. He only made indirect mention of the innocents being slaughtered by Sunni car bombs and suicide operations.

Iran is held up to opprobrium, as well it should be. But why no outrage at the Saudi funds going to the Iraq insurgency, at the hate filled anti Shiite and anti "invader" sermons by Saudi imams that are rallying Saudis to "suicide operations" in Iraq and the many millions if not billions being funneled directly to the Sunni insurgency through charities and personal contributions by moneyed Saudis thereby supporting the endless waves of sectarian slaughter and anti American attacks? To quote the Iraq Study Group Report, ". . . funding for the Sunni insurgency comes from private individuals within Saudi Arabia..."

Could it be, that "money trumps peace?" here at home as well. Consider George H.W. Bush's service on the Carlyle Board and its close ties to Saudi investment monies? Could it be the old Bush crowds' close Saudi ties exemplified by James Baker and his law firm with its moneyed relationships representing Saudi interests in Washington and in American courts? Could it be Saudi assistance given to George W. Bush's failed oil venture? Could it be the donations to the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library and the prospect of donations to the proposed $500 million George W. Bush Presidential Library (the Saudis can very generous- just ask George H. W. and Bill Clinton)? And there is always Prince Bandar, who has probably had as much influence on President Bush's foreign policy as anyone in our government.

Europe, with its diplomatic relations and business ties to Iran, enjoys the profitable pickings our pooh-bahs are denied, given the standoff between our two governments. Is it possible the Saudis are compensating those with influence and power in our government for missing out on the monies the Europeans, Russian and Chinese are making, given their commercial interests with Iran. If "trying to protect our troops" is indeed the order of the day, as it well should be, where is the outrage and condemnation against the Sunni insurgency that have killed and wounded many more of our troops, much bought and paid for by transfers from Saudi Arabia's oil bonanza.