05/02/2014 11:50 am ET Updated Jul 02, 2014

Letter to 10-Year-Old Self: Don't Get Rid of Wonder Woman Underwear

Dear 10-Year-Old Self,

If I knew now what I knew then, I could have avoided a whole lot of crap. Really, you ask? How could I have known more as you, a 10-year-old, than I do now as a 39-year-old? We knew things then that I forgot over the years. For one, I forgot to be super and to live in wonder. I got so wrapped up in fitting in and doing what was expected of me that I forgot to be true to my nature. You as a 10 year old, you still live in this world of wonder and belief in all that is possible. You haven't really started to care about things that really don't matter. So what happened? Your brain went into overdrive and decided to care too much about what other people think or expect of you.

There are some things I would like to tell you to help you to get through the next 29 years, but alas, it is too late, you have already lived them. But if I could, what would I be sure to tell you?

I would tell you that first and foremost your happiness is the No. 1 priority. This leads into helping you understand what happiness is and is not. Happiness isn't about who your friends are or what label is in your sweater. It is not about getting to second, third, or god forbid fourth base just because your "friends" have. Happiness is not about going to the best college because your family and peers find it respectable, or about getting As so others believe in your intelligence. Happiness is not giving yourself away to others while denying yourself you. Happiness is not about getting a job with benefits or being able to afford a new car. Happiness is not wearing thong underwear so your butt looks good to your boyfriend. Happiness is not about doing for others so you will be accepted.

Happiness is about listening to that voice inside that I know you can hear right now. Inside you is pure light and true happiness. You know so much now and you trust in your voice. God, I wish I could shake sense into you on every one of your birthdays from here on out. True happiness already exists within you. Take that happiness and nourish it every day, water it, feed it with love and acceptance, wear it on your sleeve. Let your outside self reflect your true inner self. Become blind to the stares and judgments that will ultimately surround you.

What else would I feel important to tell you? Have lots of fun and enjoy every moment. Remember to laugh at the world around you including yourself.

-- Don't hide behind your fears of judgment.
-- Walk tall and proud. Never let anyone put you down.
-- Don't absorb other people's unhappiness.
-- Stand above negativity.
-- Be who you are and be proud.

Put on your Wonder Woman underwear, even if they don't fit, and vow to keep them forever. Wear them in times of difficulty. Hold on to your 10-year-old self and feel the wonder that is in you and be the wonderful that you are. You are and will forever be a Wonder Woman.

Love to you.