08/06/2014 12:25 pm ET Updated Oct 06, 2014

Navigating the Storm

Jeff Spielman via Getty Images

I have been contemplating what I have been doing lately with my life. What direction should I be moving? I am very passionate about what I am doing to the point of getting giddy at times. But as with all journeys we sometimes come to a block that needs to be navigated. In truth we are always navigating something. Our life is a journey and how we take that journey is up to us. Will we be on foot, car, plane, boat. There are so many options and yes we have a choice of which mode we take. At this point I consider myself on a journey at sea. There are sometimes smooth waters and sometime choppy. Choppy is where I am currently. The path is a little bumpy and uncomfortable but I know on the beyond it will be smooth sailing, at least for a bit before the rocky waters returns.

Sometimes I wish I were a crier and all my emotions would come flooding out in my tears. Then with the baptismal tears, a flood of inspiration and insight would come. Unfortunately though I am not one.

But here is the thing, I am enjoying the choppiness. Failure is grand, for in failure we learn and come out on top. This is the complete opposite of how most of us were raised. Failure was not congratulated or made envious. We were taught failure was undesirable. Failing a test, loosing a game, falling off our bike. Those moments that ate at our self-worth were really great lessons in disguise. Through failure we discover our strengths and possibly our loves. Through failure we learn to move beyond and see our worth. If I didn't fail at college statistics I might be an Accountant today and I know in my soul this was not my path.

Let failures light your way in life. Next time you fail at something congratulate yourself for discovering something new.

So here I am on my boat ride navigating the choppy waters. I have a map but it is sometimes hard to see. It is deep within me and it takes quiet and reflection to be able to really see it. I easily get lost in the chaos going on around me. These 5 senses of mine can be a curse blocking out my sense of love and purpose. I am constantly reminding myself to sit quietly and reflect on my true being in order to follow my map. My direction at the moment is "Living My Truth." This is a subject very near and dear to me and one I believe most of us have lost track of. How to live true to my being? Who am I? What do I stand for? What is it I want to do? How to answer and implement?

This is my storm to navigate and I am up for the challenge. Bring on the squalls for in the squalls there is beautiful light, powerful winds, and a new beginning.