02/23/2015 02:34 pm ET Updated Apr 21, 2015

My Autism 'Top 10' List

I met a woman the other day who asked me for some advice. "I want my son to be autistic." She said it like I might say, "I want my son to stop peeing on the floor." Quite sure I misunderstood her, I donned my polite smile, and eloquently said, "HUH?" She repeated herself. "I wish he had autism. But just the easy kind. The quirky kind. The kind that gets kids help in school."

Well. No one had ever peered into my son's world before and been envious. It got me thinking, HUH (there's that eloquence again), maybe I just need a little perspective. Thank you random, socially-inappropriate mom for helping me see the autism silver lining.

My Top Ten Things About Autism:

10. Built-in excuse to leave a party early.
Others might have to concoct an "Aunt Emily" who they have to fake-visit, or rely on a "work emergency." Not me. I say, "Thank you so much, we're going to head out," and I point to my son who I can always count on to be doing something wildly inappropriate. I breeze out like a boss.

9. I always know what my son is thinking.
Because he repeats it one million times.

8. A Clean House.
I basically cohabitate with a bunch of therapists so I am always making sure my house is presentable. I bet most Better Homes & Gardens' featured homeowners are autism moms.

7. I am practically cuatro-lingual.
That Spanish you lost because you never used it? I picked up conversational fluency in speech pathology and occupational therapy, while seamlessly learning to speak in legit-sounding acronyms like ABA, IEP, DDD and WTF. (Oh wait, not that last one. My bad.)

6. Our friends really, really like us.
When a kid has hit you, tossed a four-letter word in your direction and asked if you are pregnant... and you stick around? You must really like us. While some of you dear readers might have to question your friends' loyalty, we do no second guessing around here.

5. But on the flip side, what a blessing to be disliked by school admin.
I never have to spend time being homeroom mom, PTO President or volunteering at the bake sale to make school friends. Being disliked from the get-go saves me oodles of time. Phew.

4. Speaking of saving time, don't forget all that money I save on birthday gifts to parties my son is not invited to attend!

3. Mastery of Polite Smiling.
Talking about TV shows we are too tired to watch? Polite smile. Which of the plethora of awesome schools is the best fit? Polite smile. Plans for the next Mommy-Mimosa-Kids-Playdate? Polite... actually, no, that one doesn't get a polite smile. That one makes me feel like I've missed my calling.

2. Autism makes you Eco-Friendly!
Sooooo many bills. So much recycling. I am really doing my part for Mother Earth over here.

1. Weight Loss Program.
Watch out Zumba, my in-home exercise program called "Come Nervously Pace with Me" is guar-an-teed to increase that heart rate.