04/13/2015 12:33 pm ET Updated Jun 13, 2015

7 Tips for the Protector Hero-Type: A Devoted Champion of the Earth

Have you ever sensed a great and noble spirit within you just waiting to express itself in the world? Those Technicolor imaginings of what your life could be are more than just a daydream. They are whispers from your intuition flashing images of the hero within. And it's both your destiny and birthright to step forward, embody it, and claim this mastery over life as your own. But as with all great destinies, there's always a choice.

The first step to awakening the hero within is to identify your unique talents, the ones that only you have, learning how to utilize them in order to leave every person that you meet a little better than when you found them. The second and most important step is action. It's the one thing that turns bystanders into heroes (or fantasies into realities). If Superman discovered his speed and strength, but decided to stay home and eat Cheetos, the world wouldn't change. And that principle of action applies to each and every one of us.

If you're curious to see how your unique talents could be used as superpowers, I've created a quiz that distills common characteristics into six different hero-types, including their super strengths and super flaws, as well as suggestions on how to awaken the best of each hero-type within.

Hero's Spotlight: The Protector
In this blog we'll explore both the cape and the kryptonite of the second of six Hero Archetypes, the Protector Hero-Type, delving into what makes or breaks the protector within.

Above all, protectors want their life to matter. They want to rise up and stand for something noble, something righteous, something good. Whether male or female, the protector is a sensitive soul who is incredibly loyal and trustworthy. Once a protector has given their word, you may consider it already done. You could, quite literally, trust your life in the hands of a protector. Careful, consistent, and diligent, protectors believe in the value of a hard day's work. Even so, internally, the protector often feels displaced in this quick paced, fast talking, empty promise laden, modern-world.

From the outside perspective protectors seem like the strongest of the hero-types, because when it matters most, they have the ability to power through tough situations. On the flip side they also feel things more deeply than others, so they're also the most sensitive. They're the person that everyone calls when in need of assistance, and for good reason. No one is stronger or more methodical. Because they want to make a difference in the world, they're more than happy to help you paint your garage, build your deck, plan your wedding. But somehow it isn't enough. Under all of the good deeds is a profound loneliness of the heart that remembers a harmonious world long forgotten by the mind, but remembered in the deepest memories of the soul. On a subconscious level every good deed they do is in the quest to return the current world to that which is remembered by the soul.

Once a protector has fallen in love, either with a person, a value, or a dream... watch out! You will literally witness the sleeping light from within their soul rise to fulfill their one-and-only purpose here on this earth -- to champion the energy of true love and its promise of global enlightenment.

Are You a Protector? The most prone to depression and apathy, it's essential for the protector to find a greater purpose for their life. Once the sleeping protector wakes from the underwhelm and overstimulation that modern life has cast over them a great will and determination rises within. There is no power on this earth greater than the devotion of an awakened protector. They are the champions of love. Common Characteristics of a Protector
  • Protectors are always ready to lend a helping hand.
  • Gentle, stable, and deeply internal; slow and steady wins the race.
  • While easy going, their power is grounded in the desire to be their best.
  • Prefer to be alone, yet tend to be sought after companions.
  • Feel deeply, but have difficulty expressing emotions verbally.
  • Able to see challenging situations from many angles, excellent problem solvers.
  • Hyper-Intelligent, able to grasp universal concepts easily and intuitively.
  • Once crossed, have difficulty forgiving and forgetting.
  • And many protectors can seem overbearing or insensitive when overwhelmed. Even though they have a soft and mighty heart, a wounded protector will protect their own space fiercely.
Quick Tips for the Protector Within
  • Find Your Purpose: Understand that you have a purpose here on the earth and it ain't to be a doormat. While it's nice to help others fulfill their dreams, within you is a greater dream that needs to be realized. Giving yourself permission to work toward your own dream isn't selfish -- it's essential.
  • It's Okay to Change Your Mind: Just because you've developed a pattern of "saving" people from their own hard work, doesn't mean that you have to do it forever. Find the courage to say, "Sorry, I'm not available this time..."
  • Soul Connection: Always looking for meaning in the external world can be exhausting, that's why solitude is the greatest companion of the protector type. The time away will allow you to dive into the deeper well of your soul to discover your greater purpose.
  • Tend to Your Wounds: One of the most common traits that a protector has is the ability to brush off painful experiences without taking the time to process the trauma. In order to keep your spirit bright and strong take time to mourn the difficulties of your life. The mourning process is an important step in letting go.
  • Allow Yourself to Have Fun: Protectors are notorious workaholics. You even spend your free time helping others with their work, (e.g., helping someone move, taking care of neighbors, children, fixing someone's drain). It is okay to take time to relax, recharge, and reflect.
  • Hold Your Horses: Realize that sometimes it's uber important for a person to work through their own difficulties. Just as in nature it's necessary for a butterfly to push its way out of the cocoon to strengthen its wings, it's also necessary for a person to learn how to navigate through the hard lessons of life in order to develop confidence, wisdom, and discernment.
  • Look Before You Leap: The most important tip that I could ever give a protector is to take a moment and reflect upon what will be required of you before you make a commitment. Since your word is as good as gold, and you will fulfill your promise no matter what may come, take it easy on yourself and really think over if a situation is right for you before you leap into it!

The Hero's Evolution
If your hero type isn't the protector, but you want to develop the courage and devotion inherent to this hero type, try looking for ways to be helpful to the people around you. To help you get into this protector mindset, you can listen to the free guided meditation in the Hero's Tool Belt below.

The Hero's Tool Belt
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