06/20/2014 01:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Are You Job Hunting in All the Wrong Places? See Which Illinois Industries Are Hiring Here

As the state continues its slow recovery in a post-recession economy, Illinois job seekers will have better luck finding work in particular industries, whereas others should be avoided.

A recent ADP Regional Employment report showed a modest uptick in the number of payroll positions added for the month of May -- 4,980 private-sector jobs, though it doesn't offset the 6,800 lost in April.

Another sign of steady improvement could be the 203,000 help wanted ads posted online last month, according to the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

Whether you're currently unemployed or beginning some form of higher education, Crain's Chicago Business released a list of 10 Illinois industries that will see the largest number of projected jobs gains between 2014-18, as well as 10 with the biggest job losses, according to data from Economic Modeling Specialists International.

This chart details which Illinois industries will experience the most projected job growth over the next five years. As you'll see, several don't necessarily require advanced degrees. Additionally, you can view each industries' employment change between 2009-13.

*Note: Data tables can be sorted by clicking the "Projected Job Growth 2014-18" tab.



The most notable statistic above is education at the local government level. During the peak of the recession, nearly 9,000 positions were lost -- the third-largest sector in the state in terms of job loss. While the remainder of these industries grew over the past five years, education is expected to make a considerable comeback amid concerns of the heavily underfunded Illinois Teachers' Retirement System pension fund.

Another telling figure is the first ranked industry -- temporary help services. The data seemingly reflects a trend of more companies hiring temp workers due to lingering economic uncertainty. Arguably, implementation of the Affordable Care Act -- more commonly referred to as Obamacare -- could be another underlying factor behind predicted growth through 2018 as employers opt to fill positions without having to offer health insurance and other benefits.

Whether or not you have a favorable view of these industries, they will be some of the best places to find jobs in Illinois.

Conversely, if you are on the hunt for work, avoiding these industries would probably be wise when taking into account job loss over the past five years and projected employment cuts during the next five.



Nearly all of these sectors were among the worst in terms of job loss between 2009-13 -- save professional employer organizations -- the only industry to add positions during the recession, though its future is not looking too bright. The hiring outlook in these 10 industries is bleak and searching for work in any of them may be futile since they'll offer little job security.

For current job seekers and future ones, this data will hopefully provide some insight on where to guide your search, but not limit it.

If you're currently in school, preparing for college or deciding to go back after years of previous work experience, consider a career in one of these 25 best-paying Illinois jobs.

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