11/04/2010 05:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Motor Room Dream


After an extraordinary life at sea we are adjusting to a more normal life with our lines looped on the dock. There are still many more magical synchronicities that bring wonder to our lives.

Last night I dreamed I was down in the motor room and the shaft came unbolted from the motor. I began to look for the bolts in the bilge below the motor when I woke up from my dream. Upon awakening, I resolved that one of my chores for that day would be to go into the motor room and check those bolts. I brought my rusty but trusty wrenches down to the back of the motor with my traveling work light and squatted into a comfortable position. Of course, Darshen insists on joining in with whatever Daddy is doing, so I brought my little helper with me. We fit the wrench over the shaft coupling bolt. Sure enough it was loose. Darshen and I called out to Mommy to tell her about the amazing job we were doing. Most of the bolts were tight on the coupling but happily I was warned by my subconscious to tend to my loose nuts. I decided to go one step further and check all the nuts all over the motor. They were all tight. I decided to get out my screw driver and tighten the hose clamps around the motor, as well as the stainless wire I lash them with to make sure the hoses don't slip off. We wipe with rags around the motor room to keep it clean and dry. Then we carry on with similar jobs around the schooner before we dress up warm and go tricycle riding up on the dock.