07/01/2011 12:02 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2011

The Green Runners


A year ago, our little family posed for a picture on the bow of the schooner. Now we take another photo and not much has changed except we are all a year older. Much of life is imagined and unseen to our normal eyes. Many people see us as "green runners" because we reach out into the unknown and discover new territory for the plant of humanity to grow. Most of the plant of humanity is made of roots and a trunk, solid and responsible. We liken ourselves to the new shoots of a giant plant or vine. Branches and leaves wave and bring in the energy of the sun and send the most digestible juices out to new shoots so that we can grow fast and reach out to new places for the humanity plant to grow.

However, it is dangerous because we are tender and fragile and easily eaten by animals or broken by the upheavals of man and nature. Most of the plant doesn't want to take that chance or doesn't know that the opportunity to reach out and break away is possible. Other leaves think it is irresponsible not to follow the rules and conform to the structure of stability. Many of the leaves are busy in their own world and not even aware that the green runners are out there exploring and feeling out new places for the whole plant to spread into. But the consciousness of the plant understands this is a vital role for its ultimate survival.

Though we, long endurance sailors, received some exposure we are mostly invisible as we strive and thrive and take chances following fantasy leads into the unknown. Where would the plant of humanity grow without vision and spiritual explorers who roam and make pilgrimages to sacred heights and return to share the mysteries of life?