03/28/2008 02:48 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Edwards Ends His Campaign Where It Began

By Paul Harang

New Orleans - Former Senator John Edwards ended his candidacy for the Democratic nomination today in the same setting that he announced it. Standing in front of a line of new, colorful houses in the Musicians Village area of the New Orleans Ninth Ward, Edwards announced that he is stepping aside "so that history can blaze its path."

The former Senator did not endorse a candidate, but he assured those present and those in TV Land that he received a pledge from Senators Clinton and Obama to make ending poverty central to their campaigns.

Edwards used careful language that highlighted his reluctance to quit: he is suspending his campaign for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. This fighter who refused to give up after multiple primary losses obviously still believes in the possibility of an Edwards White House. But to those who worried that his obsessed campaigning would affect his mental state, he offered, "this son of a mill worker is gonna be just fine."

After the short speech, he picked up a drill and (surrounded by media) began to put up boards on a new house with the help of his son Jack. Even though he ended his campaign, he's still in the media's crosshairs. He will be until he makes a public endorsement.

After the speech, a reporter asked his wife Elizabeth if an endorsement decision had been made. She said that she does not know which candidate her husband will endorse, but she does know who he will supporting: "Me."