09/10/2012 11:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Voter Fraud The Daily Show and The Daily Caller Can Agree On

An editorial headline on The Daily Caller Friday reads:

DNC voting fiasco a reminder of need for voter ID laws

Now, I know what you're thinking: But, Conservative Activist Yates Walker, might a connection between a voice vote on a largely symbolic issue of reinstating language that existed in the 2008 platform be overwrought at best, but probably just downright fallacious?

Nah. You see, it's not about whether the Republicans had essentially forced the change with a barrage of attacks, or whether it even really matters what the 'wish-list' party platform says, or whether enough of a majority of people yelled 'aye.'

It doesn't even matter that there are plenty of Democrats who are upset about the decision (though not, as Yates Walker says, because they are Israel-loathing athiests) and the rubber-stamp process by which it was reached.

Because Conservative Activist Yates Walker knows that this isn't really about whether there is even a shuddering, cracked, and brittle foundation upon which he can build a bridge between the most distantly related issues or not (and there isn't). It's about what this tells us about the Democratic Party:

And there you have it -- voter fraud on national television. The will of the people be damned, the Democrats believe in oligarchy.

If Democrats will ignore the votes of their own party in front of cameras, how do the ballot boxes run by this crew work in Chicago? Is it any wonder that President Obama and Attorney General Holder are keeping dead voters on the books in Florida and condemning voter ID laws nationwide?

Checkmate, Democrats! Try and make your case against discriminatory voter ID laws that would provide only illusory protection against nonexistent cases of in-person voter fraud now! Tell Yates Walker all about how mandating that voters have a photo ID to protect against dead people voting would be as helpful as Clint Eastwood asking Invisible Obama to scoot his chair back or at least cover his mouth when he coughed so he didn't get germs all over the podium and infect all of the RNC with The Gay.

You can't! Because Yates Walker knows that the details aren't important when they'll just get in the way of his completely valid and reasonable belief that Democrats yearn for the day when they've managed to trick, swindle, and steal their way into control with enough support from their dependent, lazy supporters that nobody, not even winsome, blue-eyed Americans like Paul Ryan, would be able to stand up to the crushing oligarchy they would immediately establish. And then use to gay-marry everyone to a Commie in the name of Satan, amen.

At this point, you're probably wondering if The Daily Show, a show notorious for being part of the 'lamestream media,' could possibly have finally gotten something right and agreed with The Daily Caller. Well, it happened. And I'm sure my inability to detect insincerity had no impact whatever on my realization that it had after watching this video. Skip to around 4:00 if you're in a rush to uncover other liberal plots to subvert the will of the people and/or distribute Plan B to third graders before it's too late: