06/11/2013 06:06 pm ET Updated Aug 11, 2013

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover -- At Least Until You Read It

I recently met a man quite a bit younger than me -- gorgeous which is an understatement -- he had a smile that could light the darkest of nights. And to add to all of that, he is a superstar athlete.

When I was first introduced to him, he was almost distant -- not cold but very cool. Definitely not as friendly as me (but then again, who is).

As I paid attention to him throughout the day's festivities I noticed he only interacted with his close friends...

This was exactly what I was expecting from him or any other big shot... I mean he had the looks, the talent and fame game all rolled into one. He was just about as cocky as a superstar ball player would be or so I thought.

As the night went on I found him to be quite the opposite of everything I thought he was or would be. This young man was lots of fun -- loved to smile laugh and joke, and he was spiritual down to the bottoms of his God-given soul. But the best part of all of him was the humility that he showed... The gratefulness, the perseverance, and the ability to be a grounded superstar football player.

Now we all know that I'm not new to the fame game. Aside from being on a number one rated reality TV show, I'm also the daughter of a notorious, well-respected Gangster, so I've had my share of newspaper write-ups and cameras flashing on red carpets and when I've walked out of courthouses, but that's a small fish in the great big pond I've worked in.

I work for and with the biggest of music moguls, actors and actresses -- but never have I come across a person whose appreciation for life, friendship, and realism made me thrilled to have met him...

So before you have a preconceived notion of what a person -- famous or not -- is like, keep this in mind:

In this world there are many walks of life -- some people are kind, some people are vain, and some are trained assholes (excuse my language). Not all rappers are as hard as their music, not all big time athletes are conceited, not all reality TV women are crazy, and not everyone is who you're expecting them to be.

So this is for the special spiritual friend I've made! You made a difference in the way I think, and you are very deserving in life, not just because you're an amazing athlete, but because you are a real man with morals and a kind and gentle soul. Thank you, Mr. Socks.