04/30/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost: Primary Coverage Drinking Games

Has anyone else noticed how all these "pundits," first word to scratch after the elections, use the same words and phrases, to describe the "horse race," between Obama and Clinton? It doesn't matter which "dog you have in the fight," we've all seen these chattering, and in Chris Matthews' case, dribbling and spitting, pallor-faced bobble heads, drone on about the same polls, the same demographics using the same verbiage. The race has taken on a new meaning for me; the excitement of who will win the White House has been supplanted by how many times these pompous know it alls, will trip all over each other to say the hackneyed phrases that even novice politicos have incorporated into their vocabulary.

It has become increasingly clear that political coverage and drinking games are one in the same. Tonight, dorms across the country will be brimming with eager youths breathlessly anticipating taking a shot each time they hear the following:

1. "Clinton's Last Stand"
2. "Expectations Game"
3. "Keeping Their Powder Dry"
4. "White Male Vote"
5. "Brie and Chablis crowd"
6. "Liberal Latte Democrats"
7. "Rev. Wright"
8. "Obama Can't Close the Deal"
9. "Mommy Vote
10. "Nora, What Are The Exit Polls Saying?
11. "Clinton is carrying White Women and uneducated yahoos handily"
12. "Urban/Black Voters"
13. "Ethnic Voters"
14. "Latino Voters"
15. "Obama does well with College Grads"
16. "Clinton's stronghold are the beer drinking blue collar peckerwoods"
17. "Weather Underground"
18. "Bill Ayers"
19. "A Thrill Runs Up My Leg When I Hear Barack Speak" BTW Chris, I believe there's an ointment for that
20. "Hillary's unfavorables are very high"
21. "Bill Clinton Has Hurt His Wife's Campaign"
22. "Bill Clinton Is A Great Asset For His Wife's Campaign"
23. "Bitter and Angry"
24. "Joe Scarborough Is An Ignorant Jackass" Rachael Maddow at Commercial Break
24. "'Til The Last Dog Dies"
25. "Lanny Davis Once Sued Zero Mostel for not Being Jewish Enough"
26. "What Does Clinton Have To Win By To Be Considered A Victor?"
27. "How Small A Margin Does Barack Have To Lose By, To Be Considered A Victor?"
28. "Altoona! I Finally Get To Say Altoona Again" Indulging Larry King, Coming Next Fall
29. "Wolf Blitzer Is A Befuddled, Bumbling, Rambling Perv," Candy Crawley to herself
30. "Anderson Cooper Really Is The Paris Hilton Of Cable News," Says The Bubble Over John King's Head
31. "Michelle Obama Looks Mighty Fine Tonight" Chris, Your Jungle Fever Is Showing Again-- Keith Olberman whispers in Matthews' ear
32. "I'm Not A Political Pundit I'm Just A Lawyer" Dan Abrams There's No Evidence You Ever Were A Lawyer-- JD to OJ Pundit-- Get Real!
33. "The Superdelegates Want to be Wooed" Arrogant Jerks, we'll woo your butts out of office
34. "Clinton owes money from NH to NC" $109 Million And She Can't Pay Dunkin Donuts, She Just Flunked The Commander In Chief Test
35. "Pennsylvania Is Pittsburgh And Philadelphia with Alabama In Between," Carville Coined that While Whittling Bill Richardson On A Cross
36. "Pat Buchann Drove A Mercedes When He Ran For President," It Was A Present From Goebels, I Mean His Wife

These are Just 37 things you may hear tonight. I'm sure those of you who indulge in drinking games and play, "Six degress of Kevin Bacon," will probably come up with many more. Let me know if you have any to add. Enjoy the "Best Political Team Coverage," in your living rooms.