07/12/2013 02:34 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Stand With Mississippi (VIDEO)

Right now the Campaign for Southern Equality is on the ground in Mississippi. We're standing with couples in five towns across the state to call for full equality under federal law. As an LGBT person, it's an incredible honor to stand with families as they take part in the WE DO Campaign, which consists of LGBT couples applying for marriage licenses in their hometowns.

Watch Jenna and Kristen apply for a marriage license in Poplarville, Miss.:

If you're ready to stand with Mississippi, I'm asking you to share this video to help tell their story.

In Gulfport, Miss., a group of county employees and passersby started debating marriage equality as they watched an LGBT couple exit the courthouse after being denied a marriage license during a WE DO action. Moments like this puncture the silence that typically surrounds LGBT life in the South. People are ready to talk about LGBT equality, but we need to create the opportunity for that conversation to happen in new ways, in human terms.

As we walked through the quiet streets of Poplarville earlier this week, people stared and cars slowed down to watch us approaching the county courthouse. I thought about LGBT kids growing up in Poplarville who may see that they are not alone. People have their backs and will continue fighting for full equality until we get there in every zip code.

We're doing a WE DO action in Hattiesburg on Friday, followed by actions in Jackson and Tupelo next week. Will you stand with us? Click here to find out how.