Release Alan Gross

I appeal to His Excellency President Raul Castro to release Mr. Alan P. Gross on humanitarian grounds.

Mr. Gross is ill and in poor health. Further, Mr. Gross's daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. Releasing Mr. Gross to his wife and family would be a positive humanitarian gesture on the part of the Cuban government. It could only help to foster improved relations between the United States and Cuba.

My direct appeal is for Mr. Gross to be released to his wife and family in the United States, and have indicated my willingness to travel to Cuba to facilitate his return home.

With the assistance of the Catholic Church, you rightly released several Cuban dissidents to Spain last year and I commend you for your courage in doing a difficult but moral thing.

I appeal to you not to allow the issue of Mr. Gross to distract you from other vital issues such as continuing to fight poverty and promote peace and unity within and outside Cuba. We must connect the human family and address these and other pressing needs.

I therefore appeal to you to release Mr. Gross on humanitarian grounds. Releasing him will be a vital, positive humanitarian gesture and redirect focus on restoring and improving relations between out two nations.

My appeal is solely a humanitarian one with deep respect of the national sovereignty of your beloved country. I know that you have the moral courage and authority to free Mr. Gross and I hope and pray that you will accept my appeal. I am ready to travel to Cuba at any moment to meet with you and also visit Mr. Gross. I hope you will allow Mr. Gross to be reunited with his family.