02/07/2013 12:59 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Boy Scouts Betray Gay Kids and the Scout Oath

The announcement that the Boy Scouts of America "need more time" to make a decision about ending discrimination against gay scouts and leaders is deeply disappointing. It not only lets down gay youth who are looking to the Boy Scouts to walk the talk of their diversity statement ("Scouts come from all walks of life, all types of family units, faiths, and racial and ethnic groups") it also betrays the Scout oath "to help other people at all times" inserting an asterisk after "other people*" that reads "*unless they are gay kids wanting to experience the gifts that Scouting offers."

Over a decade ago at its 2000 General Convention, the Episcopal Church adopted a resolution to "Encourage the Boy Scouts of America to allow membership to youth and adult leaders irrespective of their sexual orientation." And now the Boy Scouts "need more time" to send the message to young gay American kids that they are just as loved, valued and important as their straight friends and neighbors? The time is now to end discrimination against our kids -- and fair minded Americans need to step up, speak out, and drown out the voices of those marginalizing and excluding gay youth from Scouting. Justice delayed IS justice denied -- and both our kids and our country deserve better!