10/01/2012 02:04 pm ET Updated Dec 01, 2012

Just Keep on Living: Quality Care for You, and Your Loved Ones Will be a Priority

As a young man, I have all faculties of my limbs and fortunately I am in need of no assistance in regards to day to day duties like clothing, feeding and taking medications. However, in the words of my girlfriend's grandmother, I have to "just keep on living."

At some point in our lives, we are all going to need some help. It's a thought that seems so far, but if you spend just a little time thinking about the possibilities of the unfortunate circumstances of life and the frailty of aging, you will soon realize that you will need help and of course you are going to want it to be the best paid, trained and trusted.

That's why I joined a group of faith leaders from across Michigan that support and endorse Proposal 4. Also known as Keep Home Care a Safe Choice, Proposal 4 will allow seniors and people with disabilities the choice to direct their own care and remain healthy and independent in their own homes, instead of being forced into expensive nursing homes and other institutions.

Here's what Proposal 4 will do. It will establish the Michigan Quality Home Care Council, which will oversee a registry that links home care recipients with pre-screened home care providers in their area. Home care providers on the registry will be required to undergo strict criminal background checks to ensure safety for home care consumers. Home care providers will also have access to critical job training so they can better care for seniors and persons with disabilities. Nonpartisan studies confirm home care is a better option for seniors, people with disabilities, their families -- and taxpayers. According to studies by the Anderson Economic Group, the AARP and others, home care is much less expensive than nursing homes, saving taxpayers by avoiding nursing home costs.

When people get care in their own homes and in their own communities, they are healthier and happier. They are closer to their friends and families. They are closer to their houses of worship and their clergy. They are more independent and this independence empowers people. By passing Proposal 4, we not only protect our loved ones, but we also protect ourselves by ensuring that quality care will be trained and ready while we "just keep on living."

For these reasons, I am proud to support Proposal 4.

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