02/08/2011 04:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Meeting Children in Need

Last year I wrote an article for the Huffington Post about an important piece of legislation for foster children that is now law. The response to the article made it clear that Huffington Post readers connect to issues surrounding foster youth.

It got me to thinking... can you imagine how connected readers would be if they actually saw the kids?

Today I am thrilled to introduce a regular feature, a series of films profiling children in foster care who are available for adoption.

There are over 114,000 of these kids in the U.S. today.

There are many potential parents in our communities, but sadly, these children remain mostly invisible to them. The Children's Action Network, working with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, has been producing films of these children, mostly the older ones, ages 8 to 18, who are the most invisible of all.

Misconceptions about foster children abound... that they are damaged or dangerous or in some way different than other kids. None of this is true. These are simply children, who through no fault of their own, have been victims of abuse and neglect, and for their own protection have grown up in a system instead of a family. They are bright and funny and charming and deserve to have someone applauding them at their graduation, and someone to walk them down the aisle at their wedding. I believe there is a permanent home and loving parents out there for every one of them.

We produce a new film every few weeks so you will have the opportunity through this series to meet every kind of kid you can imagine. You will find they are unique and loving and athletic and artistic and full of promise... and they all share one thing... they need an adoptive family.

You can learn more about the children and find more information about foster care at or by calling 1-800-525-6789

Today please meet Brandon.

Brandon is 14. He's charming and confident, and can have a conversation with just about anyone. He likes sports, especially football and basketball. His favorite music is hip-hop. Brandon is the kind of kid who hates sitting around. He'd much rather be playing sports or working, making his own money. He's an adventurous kid who likes trying new things and having new experiences.