09/05/2007 08:23 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jerry Lewis is Not Anti-Gay

Jerry Lewis is not Anti-Gay by any stretch of the imagination...I have been with him at all hours in a multitude of situations and he has NEVER exhibited any anti-gay sentiments at all. He has shown herculean strength in raising money and awareness for millions of people, mostly children, with Muscular Dystrophy and 40 other related diseases.

I was at the Labor Day MDA Telethon this year and witnessed his heroic, eloquent and heartfelt devotion to this cause for which he has raised over $2 billion dollars(!) over the past 57 years. Recently Jerry Lewis was voted the number 1 celebrity fund-raiser ahead of Oprah, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie and other well known philanthropists.

In about the 18th hour of a 22 hour telethon, Jerry was joshing with his crew, (locker room humor is an age old harmless bonding between teammates, co-workers, firemen, police officers, soldiers etc) it was a teasing and harmless moment that did not have any vitriol or meanness involved. Again I was there and I defy anyone to doubt Jerry's limitless compassion. I know his apology was heartfelt and sincere; we all have moments of fleeting indiscretions that were totally without malice nonetheless offensive to some and of course people regret those moments.

Jerry needs no schooling in his love for humanity: in particular "Jerry's Kids" as he calls them. Americans are a forgiving people and Jerry's reservoir of goodwill has been and will be duly noted. I know in my heart he has already been forgiven not only by those who know him but no doubt the entire world.