08/29/2012 11:32 am ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

Who Wants That Kind of God?

The clip I saw said that Rush Limbaugh was suggesting that Obama had summoned Hurricane Isaac out of the Atlantic and directed it toward Tampa. I did see an article that said the Hurricane Isaac was an Obama conspiracy. Some more recent pieces have claimed that Limbaugh only said that Obama was eagerly hoping that the hurricane would disrupt the Republican Convention.

It would really be a great concession of Mr. Limbaugh if he claimed that Obama had the power to call forth this hurricane and direct it towards Tampa. Mr. Limbaugh would be conceding that Obama had a lot of influence with the Almighty. Not something that he or others of his interests have acknowledge before.

But surely the whole business makes you have to wonder if you want that kind of God. How in the world does God's mind work? With what kind of moral compass directs God's activities? Why would God answer Obama's prayer for a hurricane to disrupt the convention when God would not answer the prayers of the President to put out the fires in the West, to end the drought in middle America? Seems to be some rather strange priorities for God. And heaven knows, Obama must have been praying for four years to find one Republican who would be willing to negotiate with him and that prayer was never answered.

The truth of the matter is that almost every time there have been these pronouncements about God's acting in natural disasters to punish the wicked you have to scratch your head and ask if you want that kind of God.

There was a hurricane that came and inflicted horrible damage to Haiti. Next thing you heard was that that earthquake was God's punishment for some "pact they made with the Devil" in an effort to get the French out of their country. But why did God wait so long to inflict his judgment. Until Pat Robertson made that claim nobody else seemed to have made that connection. The gap between the crime and the punishment was too long. Who wants a God who is that slow?

Hurricane Katrine was described as God's judgment against the evils in New Orleans. The drinking, the gambling, the prostitution, all the sinful activities in that city were the reason for the storm. The great problem with that is that God missed his target. The storm did not hit the area known for its sinfulness. God missed. Who wants a God with such poor aim?

These confident pronouncements have a way of making many of us wonder about the mind and heart of God. If God does those kind of acts, why did he not do one to stop Hitler? And if God does those kind of acts, then what evil things did the people of Japan do to deserve that tsunami? Who wants that kind of inconsistent God?

The only thing consistent in these pronouncements is that those who know this God so well know that he is against most things "liberal." Who wants that kind of God?