01/25/2016 05:13 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2017

Trump: The Dictionary

Joshua Lott via Getty Images

Trumpalicious: The sense of wonder and excitement coming from being in His presence or running from the room when He walks in.

Grump-A-Trump: The collective mumble of the Republican Establishment trying to figure out how the Great March Rightward ended with a thrice-married, four-times bankrupt, former Democrat as your presidential candidate.

Trumpoline: The screening device used at the entrance to a Trump rally to make you giddy or nauseous, or both.

Trump-A-Dope: The technique the Donald tried out on Jeb Bush and perfected on Ted Cruz.

Trumpism: An ideology positing that bragging, insulting, making stuff up and attacking journalists are the foundation of a winning presidential campaign.

Dr. Trumpenstein: Karl Rove. A spin doctor who for years stitched together a coalition of angry white people, mostly from the South, and then panicked when it came to life and escaped from his control.

Forrest Trump: A famous personality with diminished mental capacity who said, "I just feel like running."

Four No-Trump: A bid in a game of bridge played by Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and John Kasich.

Trumpled: The condition of a Republican presidential candidate who attacked the Donald.

Trump-fro: An alternative hair-do intended to let African-Americans know that the Donald can relate.

Trumpleskiltskin: An ancient elf who spun gold from straw, who escaped capture by climbing a ladder of hair.

Trump: A card trick that enables you to win when you have no cards, but a good suit.